by Celeste M. Evans and Daniel S. Masiel:
Regarding being an artist
The depth of your expression is equal to the depth of your experience.
The worst thing that can happen to an artist is to become an adult.
If you are an artist, no one is telling you what to do.

Regarding art making
You must get out of your head to get into the World.
If you make art, no one is telling you how to do it.

Nervous system painting
to paint out of one's nervous system (that which connects and modulates one's outer experience with the inner). It is a flow state of creating which does not favor any singular mode of working, but rather draws from one's total experience and expertise. Focusing soley on techinque, or putting all faith in the concept behind the work, would be to work from a singular and thus dogmatic awareness. One's nervous system incorporates all aspects which make up the individual artist's awareness, including his/her technical ability; the conscious, unconsious, and emotional minds; historical knowledge and personal memory; fixations and passions; physical, psychological and spiritual needs. Rather than maintaining a set and singular, isolated way of thinking and doing, it is to create from one's entire being.

Regarding establishments
Institutions are inherenly anti-progessive. They function to reiterate already established ideologies and techniques. It is their nature to conserve and assert their steadfast position, to set rules and to enforce them. Within their walls you will find cowards hunkering under the breast of preapproved modes of thinking and doing. True experimenters are ousted, their banishment tautologically justified by the establishment's carefully crafted reasoning. Institutions attract con-artists, people who excel at regurgitating ideas, who cannot think for themselves, who will do anything to get noticed, who need an authority to approve of them and to tell them what to do. In a world where everyone already knows everything, where everyone already has their minds made up, there is no room for Artists.

Regarding what is 'new'
Intuitivism: a method of art making in which the individual artist uses his/her intuitive faculty to create art. Every individual, artist or not, has an intuitive faculty, it is simply a matter of nourishing and using it.'Intuition' is a direct form of knowing which bypasses and surpasses conscious, logical understanding and analyzation. To 'intuit' is to grasp an understanding of something through and throughout one's being, rather than knowing only intellectually or academically. To create from intuition is to create from a place of certainty which does not need to be validated or approved by authority or rules. It is not 'random' or simply a process of chance; intuitive works are built from highly attuned discerment according to the artist's sensibilities and ideas. It is built directly from one's experience; it cannot be tapped into by the mind alone. Intuition regarding something will manifest as a certainty within the body, which is unattached to what has been established rationally. It is thus the system through which the Unknown and New can be channeled.

by Celeste M. Evans

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